Kimya Dawson Australian Tour @ The Factory Theatre

Kimya Dawson Australian Tour

Honest to blog Kimya Dawson will change your life.

If you’ve seen the film Juno and cuted-out to the Kimya-provided soundtrack then the opportunity to see her live will have you screaming “Phuket, Thailand!” (thats a direct quote, not a cue to get on out of here). If you’ve loved her since her days doing indiecore duets with Adam Green in The Moldy Peaches then you’ll have been waiting for this announcement since the early noughties and are going to kick it old school, and if Remember That I Love You was your entrance point to Kimya Dawson then you’ll be riding your bike like lightning to go buy tickets for yourself, your Mum, and one for the biggest person you know – because you like giants too!

Crafting unforgettable songs Kimya’s personal adaptations are delivered through the most affecting lyrics - all in a lo-fi casing, which gives her very little to hide behind. Kimya Dawson is Kimya Dawson: open, afraid, bewildered, flawed, and incredible. In fact, she embraces wearing it all on her sleeve. Come June, she’ll be wearing it on her sweater sleeve, as she readies herself for her first Australian tour this winter.

Having played shows with The Mountain Goats, Regina Spektor, Daniel Johnston and Calvin Johnson Kimya’s appeal goes from indie idol to anti-folk hero, and has praise being heaped on her from all corners of the universe. And rightly so – her homespun, musical approach to delivering personal wisdoms and universal ideas ain’t preachy, they’re just honest. On record it feels like she’s right there, whispering those wisdoms into your ear, and getting ready to cry/laugh/love right there beside you. Imagine if she were actually there, right beside you? Better still, see her live and watch her change the world, one chord, one lyric, one song at a time.

So sit down, find yourself the nearest indie boy (neurotic) and knit yourself a sweater – Kimya Dawson is coming to Australia for the very first time! After giving birth to her first bub, Panda, two years ago she’s been on something of a touring hiatus, but now with a fully portable toddler Kimya is answering countless prayers, fanmail pleas and even a facebook group by bringing her home spun tunes right into your home. She’ll inspire you, be the cheese to your macaroni, and she’ll probably make you cry. Tears. But they’ll probably be cathartic tears, accompanied by an immovable smile, so it’ll be worth it.


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Rocking Horse Records 22 June, Polyester Records 18 June, Red Eye Records 20 June, Northcote Uniting Church (Angelo Spencer) 18 June, The Factory Theatre (Angelo Spencer, Sui Zhen) 19 June, Brisbane Powerhouse (Angelo Spencer) 21 June, Manning Bar (Angelo Spencer) 20 June, Northcote Uniting Church (Angelo Spencer) 17 June