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Past events

Gadigal Mural

13th May

‘You are on Gadigal Land’ Adding to the visual and cultural landscape of Darlinghurst, The City of Sydney's Art and About Sydney program has partnered...


Sydney Craft Week

12th May

Sydney Craft Week (SCW) returns in 2019 with a mission to recognise the exceptional quality of local craft, while also unlocking their sense of joy in...


Street Signage, Design and Lived Behaviour

30th May

Four design and environment experts discuss the use of typography and signage in an urban context, looking especially at how signage is used to influence,...


Hip Hip Decay

11th April

Suzanne McRae’s creatures are the anthropomorphic bridge between human and animal, the past and present, and truth or dream. A melancholic yet enticing...


Meet the Maker: Drawing Plants From Life With Outer Island

18th May

Spend an afternoon with Stephanie and Amy from Outer Island learning to draw plants propagated from the Botanic Gardens, on loan for the afternoon from...


Prototyping the Teapot

16th May

Step through the processes the designers followed in drawing, designing and building a cardboard teapot prototype. Workshop led by designer-maker Kenny...


The Teapot Project Introduced By Min-Jung Kim

12th April

MAAS curator Min-Jung Kim presents artists Hendrik Forster and Kenny Son as they discuss their project and the processes that informed the exhibition The...


ADC Makers Market

9th March

With a distinctly Darlinghurst vibe this is a friendly local street market that emerges in the morning and is gone by nightfall returning the streets to...


Accessible Tours of Steel: Art Design Architecture

5th March

Part of Sydney Design Festival, Australian Design Centre’s Accessible Tours of Steel: Art Design Architecture invites deaf and Hard of Hearing...


Steel and Design Process: In Conversation With Korban/Flaube

20th February

The directness and confidence in the work of Korban/Flaubert has evolved through a dedicated and involved material investigation. Pushing the limits of...


Curating Steel: Art Design Architecture

6th February

A walk through the exhibition with Steel: Art Design Architecture curator, Margaret Hancock Davis as they discuss the artists, their practice and the...


Designing Bright Futures

7th December

Spanning jewellery, textiles, graphics, object, interactive and spatial design these new designers consider social and environmental impacts and speak to...


Poke and Stitch: Tattooing Cloth with Emma Peters

3rd November

There are quite a few similarities between the art of tattooing and embroidery—rhythm, pattern, colour and the act of creating a visual tribute to a loved...


Playing for Creativity

27th October

Come and play with mixed media to inspire curiosity, creativity, industriousness and inventiveness. A member of the Seed Stitch Collective, Niki McDonald...