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he Armagh Community is formed by people who seek to demonstrate a positive alternative to isolated, ego-centric living. We believe that an engaged spirituality can lead to purposeful living, healthy relationships and an adventurous personal journey. We seek to maintain a balance of ethnic and religious diversity, genders and ages within the residential community.

We are convinced that a healthy and vibrant alternative to alienating individualism can be found in community where the ordinary dynamic of daily life involves the practical tasks of responsible living, the respectful interaction of different cultures and faiths, and the practice of spiritual disciplines such as inner listening and faithful service. This practical approach to a life of faith and service provides a pathway towards wisdom, compassion, healing and reconciliation in its many forms. We have found that the experience of positive community living in itself changes lives.

The Armagh Community does not seek to be exclusive, but fully engaged with others in the community and world around it who wish to share this journey of purposeful living and transforming spirituality. The hub of the Armagh Community is the small residential ‘family’ within the home in Melbourne, but the larger extended Armagh Community includes people of many walks of life and many cultural and religious traditions throughout Melbourne and Australia.

The residential community consists of long- term members who may live in the home for some years, as well as those who come for shorter periods of a few weeks or months at a time for individual refreshment, skills training, or personal and spiritual development. The extended community includes those work closely with the programmes of Initiatives of Change as well as many others who partner with us to bring renewal, reconciliation, justice and healing to fractured communities and lives in many and diverse parts of the world.

The values that undergird our life together in the Armagh Community are interlinked as one might expect of a ‘whole of life spirituality’. They include: integrity, honesty, compassion, justice, beauty, faithfulness, humility, love, forgiveness, grace, individual responsibility, self-control, inclusiveness, flexibility, the willingness to listen and change, creativity and hospitality. Each of these values describes one aspect of a seamless whole - a spiritual perspective on life that draws vision and energy from the experience of an open-hearted centering on “the other” and “the Other”. The hope-filled vision of a transformed life and society that is produced by treasuring these values informs our spiritual practices and inspires our journey. Our vision can be encapsulated in the words “Listening, Integrity, Transformation.”

The Armagh Spiritual Community is led by a Spiritual Director, and by other responsible leaders within the Initiatives of Change team. The governance of the Armagh Community is through teamwork accountable to the Council of Management and the National Co-ordination Group of Initiatives of Change. There is a Code of Conduct available for all to read and a grievance procedure in place to ensure our own accountability for ethical conduct in all our meetings, relationships and administration.

Armagh was the original name of the home in which the community lives. It is located on the land originally owned by the Wurundjeri nation. We pay our respects to those original owners and to the Wurundjeri elders past and present. We are very grateful to have some of the indigenous people of this land as our friends and active participants of the Armagh Community.

This beautiful, gracious 100 year old home in Melbourne was a generous gift to the work of Initiatives of Change (formerly MRA) in 1956 from the Mackay family. It has been furnished by many thoughtful donations and operated as a home and centre primarily by unpaid volunteers since that time. With a beautiful ballroom, reception and drawing rooms, library and dining rooms, it has many inviting and peaceful spaces for meetings, quiet reflection, dinners, public functions and celebrations. It is possible for people outside the Armagh Community to use the facilities of the home by arrangement.
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