Migrant Resource Centre

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    Migrant Resource Centre
    59 King William Street
    Adelaide, SA 5000
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The Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA) is an independent, non-government, leading settlement agency servicing all of South Australia. The MRCSA’s purpose is to support the effective settlement and participation of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, particularly those who are new arrivals to South Australia. Using a community development approach, the MRCSA supports new arrivals to contribute effectively to South Australia’s society, culture, economy and environment.

Since its establishment in 1979, the MRCSA has worked with many migrant and refugee settlement groups, helping them to adjust to their new homeland, to become self reliant, and to develop linkages with the broader community and their local ethnic communities.

The MRCSA’s vision is of equality of access, opportunity and participation for all South Australians from refugee and migrant backgrounds. The MRCSA believes that its client groups have a fundamental right to respect, privacy and safety; to equality of opportunity and independence through community and workforce participation; and to cultural expression.

The MRCSA is committed to achieving the best settlement outcomes for its client groups by developing, maintaining and enhancing partnerships with all spheres of government, other service providers, communities, and the private sector, and by advocating on behalf of its client groups and representing their interests to all levels of government.

The MRCSA contributes to the development of public policy on settlement and migration matters, and to mainstream public policy and service planning that affects health, wellbeing, access, equity, and social inclusion for Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The MRCSA has a number of local migrant resource centres in several metropolitan and regional locations providing settlement and other allied services to new and emerging communities and supporting community cultural diversity, development and harmony.

The MRCSA is a partner in the Service Excellence Program, is a registered training organisation (RTO), and was a finalist for the Community Sector – Organisation Award in the Governor’s Multicultural Awards 2009.

The Limestone Coast MRC won the Community Sector – Organisation Award in the Governor’s Multicultural Awards 2011.

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