The Small Ballroom

  • Phone: (02) 4969 1848
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    The Small Ballroom
    139 Maitland Rd
    Islington, Newcastle, NSW 2296
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The Small Ballroom is Newcastle’s newest live music hub. The venue is located within the Gateway Hotel in Newcastle NSW and has been redeveloped specifically to cater for live music.

The Small Ballroom is Newcastle’s newest live music hub. Upon being redeveloped specifically for live music, the venue is now ready to host artists spanning across all genres. The venue has been redeveloped into a purpose built 350 capacity room in the heart of Newcastle. Located just off Beaumont Street in the centre of Newcastle, The Small Ballroom is set to become the premier live music house in the Steel City.

Newcastle has a strong live music culture and a broad market of eager locals ready to support a brand new venue. Nurturing the development of icons of the industry such as The Screaming Jets, Silverchair, Machine Gun Felatio and many more, the Newcastle region needs a fresh faced port for developing local and touring acts, and The Small Ballroom will provide that in droves

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