Monash University Museum Of Art

  • Phone: (03) 9903 2000
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    Monash University Museum Of Art
    900 Dandenong Road
    Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC 3162
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Monash's Caulfield campus began as the Caulfield Technical School in 1922, offering courses such as carpentry to local residents. In the late 1940s, the school's numbers increased with returned ex-servicemen taking up trade courses as part of the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme.By the end of the 1950s the school had expanded further, with a junior technical high school and a senior school that offered diplomas in electrical and mechanical engineering. It was in this senior school that the future of the college lay.The senior and junior schools were officially separated in 1958. Students of the junior school were absorbed by other technical high schools in the area and the senior school became the Caulfield Technical College. New courses were introduced, computers were installed and student enrolments grew.By the 1970s the once small, trade focused technical school had become the Caulfield Institute of Technology. Where blacksmith, carpentry, farriery and wheelwright courses had once stood, were now diplomas and degrees in disciplines such as computing, business, applied science, engineering, mathematics and psychology.In 1982 the Caulfield Institute of Technology amalgamated with the State College of Victoria at Frankston to form the Chisholm Institute of Technology. Then, in 1990, Chisholm merged with Monash University and became Monash’s Caulfield campus.

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