Royalty Theatre

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    Royalty Theatre
    65 Angas St
    Adelaide, SA 5000
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The Royalty Theatre is the home of Calisthenic Association of SA Inc.Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport which helps to develop discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of commitment.Calisthenics is a dynamic combination of Gymnastics, Dance, apparatus (Clubs &Rods) Marching, Singing and Acting. There are thousands of participants throughout Australia. Calisthenics has a strong focus on deportment and presentation, helping participants to develop confidence in movement and performance and to enjoy the thrill of competing on stage in front of an audience several times a year. Participants learn to appreciate and interpret different styles of music with different styles of movement and dance.Unlike gymnastics, calisthenics competitions are held in a theatre - participants perform routines choreographed to music, on stage with costumes and lighting. Calisthenics is regarded as a team sport, but participants can also compete in solo and duo sections. The Graceful Calisthenic Solo is aligned with aesthetic and balletic movement and is intended to enhance the soloist's poise and grace, flexibility, appearance and presentation and the ability to interpret music into dance. Best Type Solo and Duo sections have a greater emphasis on jazz and contemporary dance and incorporates more gymnastic and strength work.There is a strong focus on flexibility, strength and control, grace and poise, expression through both the body and the face and simply just enjoying different forms of dance and movement.The Calisthenic Association of South Australia has clubs spread all over the state. As well as organising the annual Graceful competitions, May preliminary competitions, State Championships and Best Type Solo and Duo competitions, the Association provides all South Australian competitors with the opportunity to represent SA in one of CASA's state teams.Every year, the Association sends teams to the National Championships and to the Royal South Street Eisteddfods in Ballarat. Representatives audition for the chance to be involved in a team and those chosen enjoy competing at the highest level whilst working with the state's top coaches and developing friendships with competitors from all over the country.

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