Pilgrim Church

  • Phone: 82123295
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    Pilgrim Church
    12 Flinders Street
    Adelaide, SA 5000
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Our major priority has been to discover ways we can connect with and relate to people who work or live in the city area.Our mission spheres are :• Being a community of hospitality - an open and welcoming community to newcomers and people who come to our Lounge for coffee and conversation;• Sharing our resources - for example, our magnificent organ and church are used by musicians and organists in regular concerts; publicising our resources and activities such as Pancake Day and other Open Days through our web site, and through various media;• Reaching out to the city - creating an interface for people's involvement in exploring ethical issues, new insights, community consultations, occasional lectures and workshops, and community chaplaincy;• Upholding a prophetic voice - responding to social justice issues, becoming better informed so we can actively support refugees and asylum seekers through Pilgrim's Circle of Friends.

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