Goulburn Brewery

  • Phone: (02) 4821 6071
  • Address:
    Goulburn Brewery
    23 - 31 Bungonia Road
    Goulburn, NSW 2580
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Brewing is an art as old as civilisation itself. Of breweries established in Australia prior to 1840 only the Bradley Grange survives intact as an integrated set of buildings housing the various activities associated with brewing, malting, milling, coopering, smithing and stabling.Only at Goulburn does the original colonial structure survive in identifiable form. Only the Cascade Brewery in Hobart and the Kent Brewery in Sydney can claim to be established earlier than Goulburn Brewery. Peter Degraves established the Cascade Brewery in 1832 while Robert Newnham and John Tooth established the Kent Brewery in 1835, later to become Tooth & Co. Ltd.Construction of the Bradley Grange was underway in 1833. It was designed by Francis Greenway for Jonas, Thomas and William Bradley, and was completed sometime after 1836 operating as a partnership in the names of William Bradley and William Shelley, millers and brewers.

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