Goulburn Recreation Area

  • Phone: (02) 4823 4538
  • Address:
    Goulburn Recreation Area
    47-131 Braidwood Road
    Goulburn, NSW 2580
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The Goulburn Recreation Area complex is located at 47-131 Braidwood Road, on the corner of Bungonia Road. The complex occupies 45 hectares of land alongside the Mulwaree River.It is a Crown Reserve with Council as Trustee managing the complex.Council is assisted by a "Committee of Management" consisting of representatives from each of the main Recreation Area users.Main use of the Recreation Area consists of:1. Greyhound Racing2. Harness Racing and Training3. AP&H Society (Show Society)4. Basketball5. Poultry Fanciers6. Rodeo7. DressageAll enquiries regarding booking the Recreation Area may be made through Parks and Recreation staff of the Council on 4823 4538.

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