Wollongong RSL Bowling Club

  • Phone: (02) 4227 1888
  • Address:
    Wollongong RSL Bowling Club
    120 The Avenue
    Figtree, Wollongong, NSW 2525
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Back in the early fifties, the city of Wollongong RSL sub branch visualised the establishment of a memorial park at Figtree. Tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts, an oval and a bowling club were some of the projects to be considered.A parcel of land, some thirteen acres in extent, bounded by the princes highway, Byrarong Creek Figtree oval and Gladstone Avenue (then Figtree Road) was bought from the Maynes estate on behalf of the sub branch. The owners, being supporters of the League, accepted a sum that would scarcely secure a household block of land in this area today (1980).Leading the pioneers who founded our bowling club, were Frank March, President of the sub branch and Norman Laneyre, foundation president of the RSL Bowling Club. In due course, a corrugated iron building about 30 feet by 15 feet was erected in the southwest corner of out present grounds.

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