Southern Yoga & Health Centre

  • Phone: (03) 9553 0162
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    Southern Yoga & Health Centre
    1st Floor
    24 Station Street

    Moorabbin, Melbourne, VIC 3189
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Yoga is a spiritual discipline containing a large number of different paths and techniques for attaining inner freedom, which is sometimes described as Nirvana, Samadhi and Liberation and has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. In Yoga, we see body and mind as inseparable parts of a whole.Through harmony in the physical body, we bring about mental calm and clarity. Physical disharmony causes mental sluggishness and disturbances. This is why there is so much emphasis on the purification and development of the body.The system of physical exercises called Hatha Yoga is not the whole of Yoga. It is considered a preliminary toning up of the body and therefore the mind in preparation for deeper spiritual practices.The Centre has ongoing classes, workshops with visiting teachers, discussion groups, film nights, dinner nights, cooking classes, picnics and yoga weekends. Everyone is welcome to join us. All our classes are suitable for beginners or those with some experience.Please scroll down for details of our Practitioners and other services.

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