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My name is Emma.

I grew up in lovely Newcastle with two creative and passionate parents, who I can say now as I look back with a smile, made my life interesting to say the least.

Inspired by my mums talents and eye for vintage fashion and my dads love of music, I could never quite imagine a 9 to 5 job. When I finished school, after years of sewing sequins on my ballet consumes while listening to dads old vinyls, I took the leap and studied Fashion Design at TAFE. Two years and one too many waitressing jobs later, not to mention a failed attempt at an Arts degree, I made the decision to knuckle down and do what felt right. Using a borrowed sewing machine and the too small kitchen table, I put together a limited range of Emma Soup Dresses.

I launched these quite proudly at the local markets that summer.

Inspired by a love for the past, a dream to run away to the country with a brown dog, a pocket book and a Marlene Dietrich sense of danger, I made the decision to push for more.

In 2010 I dug up 523 Hunter Street Newcastle. A handsome treasure boarded up for years and as eagre for a new life as me. With the help of my family and friends it is now Emma Soup; a refined studio, boutique, art gallery and on at least one weekend every month, a live music performance space. Featuring numerous emerging Newcastle art makers, designers and musicians, my dream is alive and merging beautifully with those of others.

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