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Past events

Forest Therapy (Shinrin-yoku)

13th April

Originating from Japan, ‘shinrin-yoku’ or ‘forest bathing’, now widely known as forest therapy, is a wellbeing practice that immerses your senses in...


Anzac Day at the Shrine of Remembrance

25th April

Anzac Day is a time for the community to come together to remember and recognise the service and sacrifice of members of the Australian Defence Force....


Nature Play in the Gardens

17th April

Slow down from busy schedules and find your joy in connecting with the natural world through a range of nature-based sensory experiences for children of...


Gardens of Remembrance Tour

24th November

For over 80 years the sprawling gardens surrounding the Shrine of Remembrance have provided a respite from the growing bustle of Melbourne. While the...


Remembrance Day 2018 - Centenary of the Armistice 2018

11th November

The guns fell silent 100 years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, signalling war's end. Join to take a minute and...


Armistice in Australia, 1918

8th November

News of the armistice that ended the First World War arrived in Australia late on 11 November 1918. That moment witnessed an outburst of emotion in public...


Creative Cyanotypes Workshop

27th October

Create wonderful cyanotype prints with Bridget Hillebrand inspired by the RBGV Melbourne Gardens Create wonderful cyanotype prints on paper and cloth...


Sydney Welsh Choir at the Shrine

19th October

Enjoy a special lunchtime performance by the Sydney Welsh Choir in our Education Courtyard (weather permitting). This concert will feature war time...


Seizing Damascus, 1918

25th September

In the last months of the First World War the light horsemen of the Australian Mounted Division took part in a remarkable advance that started in Central...


The Last 100 Days

4th September

What were the experiences of the Australians fighting on the Western Front in the final battles of the First World War? Sourced from soldier’s diaries and...


Crawl Me Blood

29th August

Enjoy a nip of Caribbean rum at twilight and a morbid tropical tale inspired by the modern classic Wide Sargasso Sea (Jean Rhys). Crawl Me Blood is a...


Army Leadership Secrets

29th August

Some of the greatest leaders and shapers of society have hailed from the Australian Defence Forces. Hear from Brigadier Nicholas Jans OAM (Retd) about how...


Curator Talk: Resistance

21st August

Join Shrine Curator Neil Sharkey as he explores the stories of Australians who gave aid to the various Resistance organisations in Axis occupied Europe...