AIS Arena

  • Phone: (02) 6214 1007
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    AIS Arena
    26 Leverrier St
    Bruce, ACT 2617
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As a venue for your next banquet, the AIS Arena can host dinners for up to 1200 guests. Alternatively, as a cocktail venue the AIS Arena can host 2500.The AIS Arena also has the capacity for 5200 reserved seating with centre stage, 3450 full reserved seating with stage at one end, or 4264 with reserved seating using permanent and retractable seating plus general admission on floor. Reduced-mode configurations are available as required. Seating numbers can vary depending on final stage size and production requirements of the show; site lines may impede some seats thus reducing capacity.The AIS Arena carries a SICO 'Fold n Set' stage with ‘tuff deck’ or ‘carpet deck’ options, SICO crash barrier and stage risers for front-of-house operation if required. We also have full length black theatre drapes and we carpet the floor for all concerts.

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