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    Alex Theatre
    135 Fitzroy St
    St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC 3182
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Alex’s Story

For years creative types lamented the lack of commercial
500 or 350 seat venues. One of those people was Aleksandar
Vass, himself an actor, writer and producer who also
moonlights as a successful businessman with interests in
over 28 countries around the world.

Hearing the old George Cinemas were being redeveloped, he
moved quickly to secure the site and began urgent
renovations to allow the three spaces to live again with
enhanced capabilities.

Aleks hired Richard Fitzgerald, another actor, writer and
producer who’d been moonlighting as General Manager of
Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre to help create a versatile
arts hub. In 16 weeks the doors opened on a venue capable of
staging or rehearsing live shows, screening movies, providing
function spaces, well…the possibilities are numerous.

The difference with Alex

A one stop shop that is provides a missing link for the performance arts.

For the creators of live or cinematic work Alex offers the perfect place to develop a piece, then find an audience and build that audience on a journey of realizing creative achievement within a viable, commercial context. In other words a project can start small and grow.

Alex is also ‘the next step’ for works developed in the many excellent smaller spaces nearby that need to find a larger audience to better develop and to make money.

It is the perfect venue to modify larger shows and develop more cost effective versions of a production. This would result in a touring version of a show being created, able to fit in the majority of venues around the country and ultimately reach an increased audience.

For our audiences Alex has two words for you- “choice, affordability…and “comfort” …okay three words!

Choice relates to the varied nature of what will be presented at the venue, musical theatre, stand-up comedy, dance, serious drama, opera, classic movies, the list is only limited by imagination. Click here to join Friends of Alex and be kept up to date.

Affordability comes from providing our spaces at rates that are less expensive than most city venues (just 10 minutes away.) This helps to keep ticket prices lower.

Comfort. There’s no point staging great shows if your seats are giving you a sore behind or cramp in the legs or you are exhausted by the time you get there because you’ve had to park in Ringwood!

The seats are designed for comfort, there’s plenty of legroom and we have almost 260 inexpensive car parks across the road.

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