Hotel New York

  • Phone: (03) 6334 7231
  • Address:
    Hotel New York
    122 York Street
    Launceston, TAS 7250
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Welcome to New YorkSince opening as New York in November 2008 we have seen many bands/artists/DJ’s pumping through our speakers!New York offers 2 separate bars, the club for dancing the night away with pumping music and lights or the front bar offering a more chilled environment with plush leather couches, marble top bars and fabulous cocktails for relaxed drinks and chatting with friends.For so long Tassie missed out on seeing the majority of the bands touring the Australian circuit. New York works on delivering these bands to the people of Launceston!! (And of course all of our awesome friends from all over the state!) We were tired of seeing Tassie miss out!We have the best sound system in Launceston designed by 'The Sound Company' which supplied the PA for Tasmania's Premium festival MS Fest.We see a variety of music @ New York, Kid Kenobi on opening night (back again 10th Oct 2009!!), Grafton Primary, Stafford Brothers, Pez, Drapht and Downsyde, Ian Carey Project, Potbellez, Kate Miller Heidke, Bertie Blackman, The Basics, Bluejuice, Diafrix, Art vs Science, Aston Shuffle, Dukes of Windsor, Trial Kennedy, Midnight Youth, Snobscrilla- just to name a few!!New York has an extensive Cocktail List- full of mouthwatering, tantalizing, experiences to tempt the taste buds.At New York we work hard to supply Launceston with a fun and safe venue. We scan everyone’s ID, have great security and a fantastic dress and behavior standards.Don’t forget to check this site on a weekly basis (at least!) so that you don’t miss out on all of the events we feel privileged to be able to offer you!!

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