Pennywise 'Straight Ahead' Australian Tour 2020 @ Enmore Theatre

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Pennywise 'Straight Ahead' Australian Tour 2020

Pennywise, the legendary So Cal punk band named after Stephen King’s infamous evil clown, are heading down under to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album, Straight Ahead.


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Metro Freo 16 December, HQ 14 December, NEX 13 December, Enmore Theatre 12 February, The Coolangatta Hotel 09 February, Eatons Hill Hotel 08 February, Chelsea Heights Hotel 07 February, The Forum Theatre 06 February


Metropolis Fremantle 03 November, Enmore Theatre 29 October, Eatons Hill Hotel 28 October, Beck’s Festival Bar (Forum Theatre) 27 October, The HQ 02 November


170 Russell (Anti-Flag) 29 September, Metropolis Fremantle (Anti-Flag) 01 October, HQ (Anti-Flag) 30 September, 170 Russell (Anti-Flag) 28 September, The Roundhouse (Anti-Flag) 26 September, Panthers Newcastle (Anti-Flag) 25 September, The Coolangatta Hotel (Anti-Flag) 24 September, The Tivoli (Anti-Flag) 23 September


The Hi-Fi 26 February, Manning Bar 24 February


HQ Complex (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 09 April, The Coolangatta Hotel (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 07 April, The Tivoli (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 06 April, UNSW Roundhouse (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 05 April, The Palace Theatre (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 04 April, Metropolis Fremantle (Face To Face, The Menzingers) 02 April


Metropolis Fremantle (The Menzingers, Sharks) 29 August, HQ Complex (The Menzingers, Sharks) 28 August, The Palace Theatre (The Menzingers, Sharks) 26 August, UNSW Roundhouse (The Menzingers, Sharks) 25 August, Eatons Hill Hotel (The Menzingers, Sharks) 24 August, The Coolangatta Hotel (The Menzingers, Sharks) 23 August


Luna Park - Big Top (Sum 41 Canada, the Vandals, Bowling for Soup) 12 April