Learn to juggle in Centennial Park @ Brazilian Fields


Learn to juggle in a fun and self-paced 1.5 hour workshop, in the beautiful surrounds of Centennial Park (or a location of your choice). Please note: This class only runs on request, please enquire ahead of time via the link. Stepan, a juggling expert, will share his tips and tricks to ensure that even the most uncoordinated amongst you will be juggling fluidly by the end of the class. Don't worry, you'll start with easy and durable objects to juggle. You won't be seeing any knives, chainsaws, cats or flaming torches. Juggling has many benefits, including sharpening focus and concentration, being a method of stress-relief, maintaining and increasing range of motion in the arms and shoulders, improving coordination, warding off food cravings, and it's an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Juggling is like riding a bike. The basics can be a little tricky to grasp (hence the need for this class), but once you've got the basic techniques down, you'll be able to continue your juggling journey easily....


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