‘Expo Liaison’ 2018 @ Parramatta Park


The talk of this week's market round-up is Expo Liaison, a newly launched excess extravaganza that brings the best of Client Liaison's international style direct to Australia's doorstep. It's not just a music festival, it's a stock market spike for the senses.

It's not a concert, it's a multimedia, multi-city, multiversal experience. A travelling exhibition that will dazzle shareholders and consumers alike for many months to come, Expo Liaison will feature over 7 hours of cutting edge, Client Liaison-curated entertainment, including some very special guests.

With the entire Expo personally overseen and custom built by joint CEOs Harvey Miller AO and Monte Morgan, this is one hot tip you shouldn't pass up.


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‘Expo Liaison’ 2018 Events & Ticketing Wall