Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) - 'The Ones We Love: Celebrating R.E.M.' Australian Tour 2018 @ Palais Theatre

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    Jeff Martin
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A unique series of concerts Featuring an All-Star line-up of vocalists! Paying tribute to R.E.M. performing songs from their rich back catalogue including – Losing My Religion, The One I Love, Man on the Moon, It’s The End of the World, Radio Free Europe, Drive, Orange Crush, Everybody Hurts, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, Nightswimming, Stand, Fall on Me, Driver 8, Shiny Happy People plus plenty more. Backing them are some of Australia’s finest musicians who will honour the sound that was uniquely and undeniably R.E.M. The Ones We Love: Celebrating R.E.M. promises to be a rare opportunity to experience your favourite R.E.M. songs live.

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Jeff Martin - Byron Bay Guitar Festival 2018

Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) - 'The Ones We Love: Celebrating R.E.M.' Australian Tour 2018

Jeff Martin 'Stars in the Sand' Australian Tour 2018

Jeff Martin 'Stars in Sand' Australian Tour 2018


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Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) - 'The Ones We Love: Celebrating R.E.M.' Australian Tour 2018 Tour dates

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