A Life : Mt @ The Arkaba Hotel

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    Jordan Shanks
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A Life : Mt

Malcolm Turnbull's bio begins with his great grandfather in the fledgling colony of Sydney, back then known as 'Brisbane'. It details Malcolm's early years, though few records about his 8th week as a foetus are available. Nonetheless, two thirds of the show is devoted to that specific week. The rest focusses on Malcolm's triumph after triumph adult life. Well may you ask, 'Is our PM actually Vinny from Entourage?'. Years ago, Jordan physically bumped into Malcolm. MT reeled back, delicately wailing, "MAHahaw", as though a plague-ridden pleb had sneezed. Since that day, Jordan has been dissecting the origins of MT's response. Now he believes that fate has inextricably linked him with MT to tiptoe this velvety biographical path together. Malcolm knows you love him...so this show you'll love.


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The Curtin 04 October, Uni Bar 20 July, Newcastle Exhibition and Convention Centre 21 July, 31 August, Ulumbarra Theatre 18 August, The Astor Theatre 10 August, 15 April, 14 April, 13 April, 12 April, The Arkaba Hotel 07 March, The Arkaba Hotel 06 March