6 Days - Cunard British Film Festival 2017 @ Windsor Twin Cinema


6 Days is a taut British thriller from New Zealand filmmaker Toa Fraser, rounding out his status as a serious action director. It tells the gripping true story of what happened when gunmen invaded the Iranian embassy in London in 1980. With 26 people taken hostage; police, politicians, and military wrestled for six nailbiting days over the best way to neutralise the threat. Police superintendent Max Vernon (Mark Strong, Sherlock Holmes) is thrust into the position of negotiator, while Rusty Firmin (Jamie Bell, Billy Elliot) and a troop of SAS operatives prepare to handle the situation by more aggressive means. As pressure to resolve the issue mounts, the film climaxes with a white-knuckle recreation of one of the most audacious special-forces raids in history. Caught up in the action is BBC reporter Kate Adie (Abbie Cornish, Somersault), the journalist whose arresting live coverage of the event broke new ground for television reporting. From the producers of The Raid and compellingly shaped by Glenn Standring’s excellent script, 6 Days succeeds as both a masterclass in tension and a timely examination of the moral fallout that comes with violence.


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