‘Bon But Not Forgotten’ Australian Tour 2017 @ Hamilton Hotel


This show brings together some of the worlds greatest rockers to pay tribute to the legend behind one of the world's greatest ever bands, AC/DC, and their iconic singer Bon Scott who celebrates his Birthday on July 9th.

Featuring a knock-out line-up, including 2 past members of AC/DC and other Aussie rock icons, The Angels and The Poor, this band knows how to electrify a crowd with its explosive repertoire of AC/DC's greatest hits. Not content with just performing a 'Best Of' set, the band also focuses on some gems that aren't commercial in nature, but true fans will love to hear them live, some for the first time.

This show replicates the sound, style and passion of AC/DC, without pretence. It is quite simply THE most natural sounding AC/DC performance of any band; other than AC/DC themselves. There is no other band on earth that can perform the show like these carefully selected musicians.


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