After the War - Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2017 @ Chauvel Cinema


The tranquil life of an ex-left-wing-terrorist from Italy who started anew in France is upended when the law preventing his extradition is unexpectedly lifted in this captivating drama. Giuseppe Battiston (Perfect Strangers LIFF16) is brilliant in Annarita Zambrano’s debut, which screened in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes 2017. In 1985, left-wing French President Francois Mitterrand offered Italy’s extreme-left terrorists who promised they would better their lives, safe haven. This so-called “Mitterrand Doctrine” remained in effect until 2002. Based on true events, the film takes place during this time in 2002 as a former activist Marco Lamberti (Battiston) is forced to flee Paris when he finds himself in danger of being extradited. Moving back and forth between Marco hiding out in the southern French boondocks with his France-raised daughter and the mother and sister he left behind in Italy —both families are clearly impacted by the actions stemming from his radical idealism several decades earlier. Clever, emotionally accessible and ultimately refreshing, this international political drama announces Zambrano as a filmmaker to watch.


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