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Rotterdam Film Festival crowd favourite A Hustler's Diary directed by Croatian-Swedish filmmaker Ivica Zubak features a breakout performance by star/co-writer Can Demirtas as an unlikely hero: a petty criminal of Turkish descent who still lives with his widowed mother Fatma (Selma Caglar) and adoring teenage brother Emre (Toni-Prince Tvrtkovic) in the concrete projects of Jordbro. As Metin (Demirtas) guides us through his exhilarating and trouble-making life in the Stockholm suburbs, he debates both the positive and negative aspects of his 'stuck in a rut' life through his secret journal. When he misplaces the journal and it is discovered by a top publishing house, the agent Puma, a tall and blonde Swede, offers to publish it and turn him into a star. However, Metin frets over the potential consequences for those mentioned in the book, and must choose between his current criminal life or the chance to be something more. Closing the festival with a vividly sketched comedy that touches on the topical issues of national identity and integration, Metin’s volatile world is evoked with affection, sensitivity and hilariously accurate street-smart zap.


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