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The final film by Polish master Andrzej Wajda (1926-2016) is an illuminating biopic of charismatic dissident artist Wladyslaw Strzeminski. In the swansong of a glorious career spanning 60 years and over 50 films, Andrzej Wajda (Ashes and Diamonds, SFF 1960; Man of Marble, SFF 1979) shines a light on an influential artist whose name deserves to be much more widely known. We meet Strzeminski (played by Boguslaw Linda in his fourth collaboration with Wajda) in the twilight of his remarkable life. It's 1948 and the publicly adored abstract painter, theorist and teacher has fallen foul of strict Stalinist rules about the creation and purpose of art. Elegantly weaving details of Strzeminski's troubled personal life onto his final cinematic canvas, Wajda leaves us with a moving statement about the critical importance of creative freedom. Afterimage is as elegantly assembled as all of Wajda's work: beautifully lit, tastefully art-directed, and handsomely shot by Pawel Edelman, who was Oscar-nominated for his work on Polanski's The Pianist. – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter As played by Boguslaw Linda, whose features bear more than a passing resemblance to both Wajda and Strzeminski, this is a fitting end note to Wajda's career. – Dan Fainaru, Screen International


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