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OKENYO is Her expressive and achingly beautiful melodies invite listeners on a journey through the underworld, a mirror world of reality where personal stories meet ancient mythology. Enigmatic, mysterious and evocative in her lyricism and storytelling, OKENYO, emerges from the pack as a uniquely charismatic artist, part of a new generation of powerful women set to make their mark. Happy: “...a modern-day Cleopatra, exuberant with confidence, grace and a fierce sense of style and attitude.”


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The Factory Theatre 08 December, The Valley Drive In 17 November, The Corner Hotel 09 November, Giant Dwarf 06 December, The Triffid 16 November, The Thornbury Theatre 07 November, Oxford Art Factory 08 December, The Corner Hotel 09 November, The Valley Drive In 17 November, The Foundry 09 June, Bank Hotel 23 June, The Gasometer Hotel 10 June, Waywards (Rebecca Hatch, Price J) 23 June, The Gasometer Hotel (Rebecca Hatch, Price J) 10 June, The Foundry (Tiana Khasi) 09 June, Warden Street 20 January, Howler (OKENYO) 08 February, Oxford Art Factory (OKENYO) 06 February


The Valley 08 September, The Valley 07 September, Oxford Art Factory 17 June, Carpark - Queens Tavern 04 March


Camperdown Memorial Rest Park 08 November, Shebeen Bandroom (Okenyo) 31 July, Newtown Social Club (Okenyo) 30 July