20th Century Women - American Essentials Film Festival 2017 @ Palace Norton Street


Dorothea (Bening) is mother to Jamie (Zumann) and he’s growing up fast. It’s a challenging time and Dorothea decides she needs all the help she can get. Living in a house with lots of comings and goings, Dorothea enlists the services of her punk-rocker lodger Abbie (Gerwig) and Julie (Fanning) Jamie’s best friend. Together they share their lives and experiences in the hope that these personal insights will help guide Jamie to manhood but they’re complex things to absorb. In her review of the film Sheila O’Malley puts it very well: “20th Century Women is an act of memory. The camera seems to be Jamie’s perspective in the future, thinking, “Oh, wait ... remember that one conversation in the kitchen? Who was there again? What was said again? Oh, that’s right, that’s right ... I remember now.”


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