A Tribute to Larry Coryell @ Bird’s Basement


Larry Coryellwas one of the most accomplished musicians, and we were privileged to host him for a week in early December 2016. He was due to perform one more time at Bird's Basement early in April. We don't have internationals come back to the club for at least 12 months, but Larry was the exception. He fell in love with Melbourne and wanted to be back. We were very happy to have him back. His sudden departure from this world made it very hard on his family and his fans. Other tributes already took place, the next one being held in Orlando, the place where he was based, on 4th April, to commemorate his birthday. He was without doubt one of the most influential musicians of our time. He has left a wonderful musical legacy. From 6 to 9 of April, we will be hosting his band led by his own son Julian Coryell. This Tribute will be a celebration of Larry Coryell. The ticket prices are made as low as possible to enable all Larry's fans to attend. The video on this page shows this band performing at Yoshi's a couple of years ago, with the late Larry Coryell.


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