2017 Mud Racing @ Hidden Valley Road


From its beginnings in the American swamp lands, this sport made its way to the Top End in 1998, when a bunch of 4 Wheel Drive enthusiasts - inspired by the idea of getting down and dirty - made a mud track and started playing. Today Mud Racing is the foremost motor sporting event of the NT Wet Season calendar. It is family friendly and an adrenalin junkie's dream. They race from October to March in the Wet Season and hold all events at night. With a minimum of 30 to 40 competitors driving anything from VW Beetles to purpose built high powered Top Gun vehicles, this extreme sport is not for those who like to see the competitors clean. Two cars at a time meet on opposing tracks; they race over 700 metres against each other and the clock. After four rounds the four fastest competitors in each class meet in the finals for a head to head, back to back, match up for the top three places. Every driver gets a chance to race on each track and the winner is the driver with the best overall time. The Top End Mud Racing Association (TEMRA) boasts the only permanent twin track facility in Australia. The amenities for spectators are superior, with track side food and beverages (including a bar), toilet facilities including disabled toilets and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the night.


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