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Madame Ranevskaya is fresh out of love and money. After a failed romance, she returns to the family farm in Manjimup. Faced with impending bankruptcy, the vast and beautiful cherry orchard is soon to be auctioned off against her mounting debts. It’s time to call in the family. The Cherry Orchard is Anton Chekhov’s last great masterpiece and this new one-act adaptation by Adriane Daff and Katherine Tonkin, directed by Clare Watson, revels in the comedy of inevitable catastrophes. Overfowing with charm, a touch of the 1980's and a self-absorbed ensemble of Kath and Kim characters. This spirited adaptation looks at those who become victims of their own privilege. Starring George Shevtsov (Endgame, The Crucible), Sam Longley (The Torrents), Bridie McKim (The Heights), this is The Cherry Orchard packed full of the familiar....


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