A Million Happy Nows - Mardi Gras Film Festival 2017 @ Event Cinemas George Street


We're excited to have the international premiere of a bittersweet drama which tests long-term love and the power of devotion. Lainey Allen (Crystal Chappell) is a soap opera star with an award-winning, 20-year career. She suddenly retires, citing exhaustion and her frustration at being overlooked for her younger co-stars as the reason. But, it seems like there is more to the story. Lainey moves to the Californian coast with her long-term partner Eva (Jessica Leccia). But their idyllic new life is interrupted by Lainey's memory lapses and mood swings, which point to something serious. Their fears are confirmed with a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's. We witness them grapple with the changing dynamics of their relationship as they learn to live for a million happy nows, in the face of an unexpected future.


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