(Not) The Bachelor Live! - Fringe World Festival 2017 @ HUBBUB Dance Studio

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    Luke Bolland
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(Not) The Bachelor Live! - Fringe World Festival...

Do you love watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette on TV, or other shows where unwitting contestants/chumps are forced to vie for the manufactured love of a cardboard cutout suitor? Imagine instead of having to wait months to find out who they pick you get to see it all unfold over one glorious hour! That’s exactly what you will get with (NOT) THE Bachelor Live where comedian Luke Bolland takes a Bachelor/Bachelorette and three singles and makes an arbitrary match based on hilarious and humiliating games! If that wasn’t exciting enough after all the laughter and fun ANYONE could win the date - even an audience member! So if you love watching people fall in love or enjoy slowing down and staring at car crashes on the freeway this show is definitely for YOU!


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