1965 Masters Apprentices 'Return to the Beat Basement' @ The German Club


1965 Jim Keays joined Adelaide band The Mustangs–renamed The Masters Apprentices–and an iconic Australian music legend was born. A rock’n’roll/r’n’b institution that took Australia by storm; The Masters were unforgettable. 51 years later, Fringe 2016: original founding members of the 1965 Masters Apprentices–Mick Bower, Gavin Webb, Brian Vaughton and Rick Morrison–reunite for the first time in 5 decades to perform a full length concert to SOLD OUT houses at The GC (German Club). 2017 sees the return of the 1965 Masters Apprentices–augmented by SA’s Jim Keays band members Rob Pippan, Ian Polly Politis, Nanette Van Ruiten and Matt MacNamee plus vocalist Craig Holden (Moonshine Jug and String Band)–for a full concert length appearance belting the early Masters hits from ’65-‘68 period, plus vintage blues and r’n’b from the time when the Masters rocked Adelaide’s venues like the Octagon, The Beat Basement, Big Daddies, Pennington Hostel.


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