A Big Walk to Golden Mountain @ Re-Public Walled Courtyard


A Big Walk to Golden Mountain invites you to a rare side stepping of the city with a walk through Golden Mountain country. You’ll follow in the footsteps of thousands of Guangdong people whose migratory passage led from a Pearl River Delta to a mountain of gold in Central Victoria. It’s a trek through a story of endurance, enterprise and prodigious co-operative achievement. Step out of the ordinary with the extraordinary Chinese Australian citizen Charles Zhang, Punctum associated artists and Federation University researchers. Along the way you’ll discover a hidden world of market garden practices, every day rituals and culinary traces which reveal a migration landscape rich with shared history. Extend your day in the landscape with Chinese walking practice, a public picnic, a zen garden installation and a hosted tasting of foraged botanicals as part of the Castlemaine State Festival. Slip away from the city and shape up your stride with a shift to a Golden Mountain.


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