24 Weeks - German Film Festival 2016 @ Palace Norton Street


A couple's joy at expecting their second child turns to anguish in this hard-hitting drama. We first meet Astrid on the set of her stand-up comedy show, where she announces her pregnancy to the studio audience. However, six months in, a routine check-up reveals to Astrid and her husband Markus a 98% chance that their unborn child will have Down Syndrome. Director Anne Zohra Berrached unflinchingly explores the confronting moral dilemma and the agonising decision which awaits her powerful protagonist - how does one decide whether a life is worth living? 24 Weeks, her third film, was the only German film to have a world premiere at the Berlinale 2016. Berrached's most recent works have cemented her status as an up-and-coming director and demonstrated her insightful explorations of female characters and perspectives.


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