2nd Korean Home Party Night: An Introduction to Korean Alcohol @ Korean Cultural Office

2nd Korean Home Party Night: An Introduction to...

1. Organized by: Korean Cultural Centre Australia & Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office
- Introduction of Korea as a Tourist Destination
- Presentation: Korean Alcohol & History
- Guided Alcohol Tasting with Food Pairings
- Makgeolli Brewing Demonstration & Hands-on Experience
(Take home your own freshly brewed bottle!)

We'd like you to meet the Australian who is an expert in Korean traditional alcohol, Julia Mellor!
Julia has been living in Seoul for the better part of a decade and has developed a strong passion for the traditional Korean alcohol Makgeolli. When she first tried to learn more about this unique drink, she was left unsatisfied with the lack of information available in English.
This led her to begin studying everything there is to know about Makgeolli - from the history to brewing process and the modern Makgeolli industry! In 2012 she founded the organization "Makgeolli Mamas & Papas Korea", also known as MMPK, as an open community for expats and English speakers in Korea to share their appreciation for Makgeolli.
Now, she's coming to the Korean Cultural Centre to introduce the world of traditional Korean alcohol to you!

More information about Julia Mellor;
- Website: www.mmpkorea.org />- Blog: www.mmpkorea.wordpress.com />More information about the event & RSVP;
http://www.koreanculture.org.au/2nd-korean-home-party-night-an-introduction-to-korean-alcohol/ />Inquiries: ahyoung.kim@koreanculture.org.au , 02 8267 3477/3400

*Photo ID will be required at the door as the event is 18+only


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