2016 Professional Bull Riders- Brendon Clark Invitational @ Newcastle Entertainment Centre


A PBR event is not a rodeo – this is the mother of all extreme sports. Strong athletes try to out manoeuvre and out muscle a tonne of raging bovine fury that is hell bent on dominating the battle. PBR is a worldwide phenomenon and this year will celebrate 10 years in Australia with events held across the country in July and November. More than 22 professional riders, from Australia and abroad, are expected to compete in packed arenas in the ultimate sporting spectacle. For many, eight seconds may not sound like a long time, yet to a cowboy on the back of a bull it can feel like an eternity, especially when you have an 800 – 1000 kilogram bull doing everything in its power to slam you in the dirt. There is no referee to blow a whistle and call time out, it’s simply man vs beast, with a little help from the cowboy protection athlete who is willing to put his body on the line to distract the animal so a rider can get away safely. All PBR events are internationally sanctioned with all points won counting towards the PBR World Standings.



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2016 Professional Bull Riders- Brendon Clark Invitational Events & Ticketing Wall