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Mani Haghighi's bold, bewildering mélange of noir, mockumentary and outright fantasy bends itself into one very sexy pretzel" – Variety Iran, 1965. The Prime Minister has been shot dead and a suave Chevy-driving Detective Hafizi (Amir Jadidi) is being interrogated. A geologist and a hippie sound recordist are soon part of the investigation. This colourful hardboiled detective story meets mockumentary comes with a labyrinthine of twists and counter culture-references. Iranian cinema has hardly ever been so surreal. A rising star of Iranian cinema, Mani Haghighi is experimental in his work yet his captivating characters don't lose us for a second, even among all the earthquakes. Apply a frenetic soundtrack, splashes of vivid citrus and A Dragon Arrives! is a refreshingly unexpected cinema experience. This is filmmaking at its most immediate and bold.


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