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Feature - Tommy Dean

Since this American born comedian has made is home in Australia, we have been dubbed the “lucky country”.
Tommy blends his intellect with the observations of Australian life. With his rich voice and wit to match, he often deconstructs the situation and puts it back together with his exceptional command of the art of comedy.

Tommy has consistently been a huge hit with audiences across the nation and has firmly established himself as one of Australia’s most sought after comic performers and writers. There is no other way to say it except for, Tommy Dean is a comic genius.

MC - Amanda Gray

Hailed as a “super-bitch with brilliant comedic timing and killer jokes", Amanda Gray is an outrageous standup comedian who knows no limits. She’s one of those artists who never fail to surprise you with their audacity and wit, regardless of how many times you’ve watched them perform.

When Amanda Gray comes to the stage, you had better hold your belly and duck for cover, because she’s going to go on a rampage with her rapid fire, relentless punch lines.

Stand her up in a dimly lit pub bursting with a boozed up audience, and things could explode!

John Conway
Sian Smith
Alex White
Mary Marshall
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Tommy Dean Previous Events, Festivals & Tour dates


Sydney Opera House 25 November, Giant Dwarf 25 November, Giant Dwarf 24 November, Giant Dwarf 23 November, Giant Dwarf 22 November, Giant Dwarf 21 November, Giant Dwarf 20 November, Giant Dwarf 19 November, Giant Dwarf 18 November, Giant Dwarf 17 November, Giant Dwarf 16 November, Giant Dwarf 15 November, Giant Dwarf 14 November, Giant Dwarf 13 November, Giant Dwarf 12 November, Giant Dwarf 11 November, Giant Dwarf 10 November, Giant Dwarf 09 November, Giant Dwarf 08 November, Giant Dwarf 07 November, Giant Dwarf 06 November, Giant Dwarf 05 November, Giant Dwarf 04 November, Giant Dwarf 03 November, Giant Dwarf 02 November, Giant Dwarf 01 November, Giant Dwarf 31 October, Giant Dwarf 30 October, Giant Dwarf 29 October, Giant Dwarf 28 October, Harold Park Hotel 13 October, Harold Park Hotel (Peter Meisel, Peter Green, Christina Van Look, Dane Hiser, Christian Elderfield, Stephanie Broadbridge, JJ Mullard, Marty Bright) 13 October, Luna Park 20 May, Harold Park Hotel (Matty B, Umit Bali, Andrew Barnett, Alex Wasiel, Christina Van Look, Kristin Bosenberg, Peter Green, Rebecca De Unamuno) 31 March


The Comedy Store 11 December, Enmore Theatre 02 May, Enmore Theatre 01 May, Enmore Theatre 30 April, Enmore Theatre 29 April


The Basement - The Arts Centre Gold Coast 12 September, The Basement (Rebecca De Unamuno (MC), Michael Workman, Sam Bowring, Jared Jekyll) 03 September, Art Gallery of NSW 05 February


Harold Park Hotel (Lindsay Webb, Darren Sanders, Nick Capper, Andrew Wolfe, Dane Hiser, Jared Jekyll, Michele Betts, Scott Dettrick) 10 December, Roxbury Hotel 03 July, The Astor Theatre 02 May, The Astor Theatre 05 May, The Astor Theatre 04 May, The Astor Theatre 03 May, The Astor Theatre 02 May


Happy Endings Comedy Club 21 December, Happy Endings Comedy Club 15 December, Ainslie Football Club (The best local comedians) 24 November, The Factory Theatre 04 May, The Factory Theatre 04 May, Kings Cross Hotel 07 March, The Paddo 01 March, Happy Endings Comedy Club (Dave Bloustien and Supports) 21 January


Happy Endings Comedy Club (Chris Radburn, Simon Kennedy, Brett Nichols, Steve Philp) 17 December, Roxbury Hotel (Dave Jory, Rodney Todd, Troy Holmes, Tim Reuben, Natali Talevski, Jo Wicked, Allan Davies, Marty Morgan, Deon Adams, Nathan Hale ) 20 July, Happy Endings Comedy Club (Sam Makoul, Paul Hancock) 13 August, El Rocco (Chris Radburn, Bruce Griffiths) 12 March


Randwick Rugby Club (Gary Bradbury) 25 November, The Factory Theatre 28 April, The Factory Theatre 27 April, Vanguard (Tommy Dean) 28 April, Vanguard (Tommy Dean) 25 April, Vanguard (Tommy Dean) 24 April


Unknown Venue (Phil Wild, Dain Hedgpeth, Mark Scott) 17 November, Randwick Rugby Club (Dave Thornton (Vic), Jacques Barrett, Mikey Mileos) 26 November, The Basement (Tommy Dean) 29 October, Crowne Plaza - Terrigal (Jackie Loeb & Ciel) 28 August, The Rocks Rhythm Boat 24 October, The Rocks Rhythm Boat 03 October, The Rocks Rhythm Boat 26 September, The Rocks Rhythm Boat 05 September, Roxbury Hotel 25 April, The Basement (Tommy Dean) 21 January


Rhino Room 09 October, Sonar - Luna Park (Simon Kennedy + Bruce Griffth) 26 June, Comedy Store Sydney 17 June, gt's Hotel 27 May, Oatley Hotel (Dave Bloustein and Oliver Phommovanh) 07 May, Old Manly Boatshed (Barry McLeod and Peter Egner) 05 May


The Basement (Tommy Dean) 22 November, The Basement (Tommy Dean) 04 July, Unknown Venue (Tommy Dean) 02 June, Unknown Venue (Tommy Dean) 01 June, Unknown Venue (Tommy Dean) 31 May