Acolyte at The Evelyn Hotel @ The Evelyn Hotel

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The Corner Hotel 27 January


The Tote Hotel 07 October, The Evelyn Hotel 18 November, The Small Ballroom 21 October, Frankie's Pizza 22 October, The Evelyn Hotel 30 June, Sooki Lounge 12 May, The Workers Club 06 May


The Corner Hotel 05 November, The Evelyn Hotel 23 September, The Evelyn Hotel 09 September, The Cambridge Hotel 02 September, The Evelyn Hotel 05 August, Pow! Fridays @ Mynt Lounge (The Soulenikoes) 06 February, The Blad Faced Stag (The Soulenikoes) 29 January, The New Globe Theatre (The Soulenikoes, Flynn Effect, Galapagos) 16 January, The MusicMan Mega Store (The Soulenikoes, Star Gunn) 09 January, The Bendigo Hotel (The Soulenikoes, Arakeye, Lung) 08 January