4th Place (4?) - Korean Film Festival in Australia 2016 @ ACMI Cinemas


11 year old swimmer Joon-ho hopes to become an Olympic medallist. But he has one problem; he always comes in 4th at all the swimming contests he participates in. His mother who has placed high expectations on the boy becomes more and more frustrated. Hearing rumours about a competent coach, Gwang-su, she pursues his contact and manages to hire him as Joon-ho’s personal coach. But the coach who was once the most promising athlete on the national team had quit due to his hard drinking and gambling problems. Now, as a disillusioned individual, he trains Joon-ho in the only way he knows how; by using violence. Commissioned by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, Director JUNG Ji-woo condones the use of violence on competitive sport trainees through this poetic and engrossing drama.


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