GANGgajang 'Circles in the Sand' Australian Tour 2016 @ Chelsea Heights Hotel

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GANGgajang 'Circles in the Sand' Australian Tour...

Iconic Australian band GANGgajang has released a brand new single, Circles In The Sand, complete with a striking music video shot in front of majestic Uluru. In doing so, they are the first band to be given permission by the traditional landowners to shoot a music performance video at the sacred site. Circles In The Sand is the Gang's first new single in more than a decade, and the first release since the passing of original member Chris Bailey in 2013.

The remaining four original members Mark 'Cal' Callaghan, Graham 'Buzz' Bidstrup, Geoff Stapleton and Robbie James, along with bassist Peter Willersdorf, have returned to the studio to deliver a single that takes us back to where it all began. It reminds us once again who we are, where we live - and in doing so offers a glimpse of a different, more inclusive future.


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