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A Little Bird Told Me" (Ceramics by Alison Williams) - Alison is a Gumbaynggirr woman who has exhibited internationally. As an Aboriginal artist, one of the major themes in her work is the visual representation of Aboriginal culture, history, traditions and stories - a practise known as ‘story in art’. The tradition of story in art is an important one within Aboriginal culture. Her body of work being brought to Armidale will include twenty pieces of pottery which include earthenware, raku and ceramic. Intrinsically important to Alison’s artistic journey was made possible through being awarded the NSW Indigenous Art Fellowship in 2008, allowing her to travel to Canada to complete a project of international scope, exhibiting with French Canadian artist and adjudicator, Marcel Debreuil and Canadian Aboriginal sculptor Irvin Head. The trio presented The Art of Dreaming, which revealed a delicate primitive thread that binds all living things. "Through the Years" - A Photographic Exhibition (Fay Griffiths) "My Country - Outside in Art" (Lloyd Hornsby Gawura with Cecil Coleman and Bruce Hooper) - Lloyd is a story teller, his artwork is urbanised contemporary – combining traditional Aboriginal dot painting with visions of contemporary Australian life and landscapes. His art is perhaps an expression of Hornby’s own history having only a few years ago discovered his grandmother was Aboriginal and not as he and his family believed, descendents of New Zealand Maoris. Despite this discovery he made of his true origins, that of being one of the Yuin tribe based South of Sydney, it is incredible that his work dating back to the 1960’s has always displayed a close infinity to the genre of Aboriginal art and Aboriginal culture. Hornsby’s art has become a great attraction for international and national investors and art lovers. “An all-encompassing overview is fundamental to the way Lloyd Hornsby makes art. Sometimes his vision is not just national, or global, but cosmic. Dots of paint blend with a universe full of stars in rhythmic, hypnotic pictures of ideal coexistence. The natural and the supernatural world become indistinguishable, as they always are in traditional over societies. His paintings are intensely optimistic in the way they use modern art as a vehicle for conveying ancient harmonies that the world seems to have lost, but which could potentially be re-established.


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