German Angst - Sydney Film Festival 2015 @ Event Cinemas - George Street


Sex, death and supernatural forces are the juicy ingredients of this exciting and genuinely shocking Berlin-set anthology directed by three titans of Teutonic terror. First up is Final Girl by Jörg Buttgereit, director of infamous art-gore shockers Nekromantik and The Death King. What starts as a seemingly innocuous story about a girl in an empty apartment becomes almost unbearably tense when we discover she is not alone. In Make a Wish by Michal Kosakowski (Zero Killed) a young, mute couple is confronted by neo-Nazis. An amulet connected to Nazi-occupied Poland changes the balance of power in ways you won't soon forget. Andreas Marschall (Tears of Kali) completes the trilogy with Alraune. This pulsating final chapter centers on a hotshot Berlin fashion photographer whose failed relationship triggers a trawl of internet porn and sex dating sites. His perverted path leads to a secret sex club whose members get their kinky kicks by taking a drug extracted from mandrake root. Luscious ecstasy and heavy-duty hallucinatory horror ensue.


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