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Vince Jones, a leading voice in jazz like no other, has been an a constant inspiration for us at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. From the early days where he'd come and listen to other performers, occassionaly being pulled up to perform beside them, to his own performances when we were able to open the second room and present his intimate and heartfelt concerts, Vince has been a solid favourite on our stage and in our program. He has the wisdom of age to see through the facade of music and point and play to its spirit, adding depth, meaning and context to its story. Love, injustice, peace and the folly's of man provide him a rich field of themes and thoughts to work with and his ties to Afro-American blues and the Celtic folk tradition give him a personal and authentic sound to every self-penned original and a maturity of understanding over every standard. "I believe that all of your experiences affect who you are, how you think, speak and how you sing. You could say that my voice is a cacophony of the music, musicians, politics, mentors and philosophers that I've been lucky enough to have been introduced to. And if my voice is 'distinct', then I have to thank all of those people and experiences for helping me find my identity." - Vince Jones


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