10,000 @ The Blue Room Theatre Studio


If you hit restart enough times, can you fix a broken relationship? Ellandar Productions proudly presents 10,000, an imaginative riff on the breakup drama. A couple faces a fantastical dilemma: save their love, or save the world. Armed with swords, 20-somethings Edie and AJ leap into battle. But can they stop fighting each other long enough to fight for anything else? And is the power to reverse time wasted on a couple that’s already stuck in reverse? Written by and featuring Jessica Messenger (The Standover Man) and Nick Maclaine (Second Hands), this daring new play deftly blends action, fantasy and drama. Can people perfect flawed relationships? Is love just an excuse we use to hurt people we care about? 10,000 tackles these questions with heart and humour against a backdrop that’s part science fiction, part high fantasy, but always profoundly close to home. A first-class team of artists led by director Michael McCall (The Deep Blue Sea) also includes Perth’s resident fight maestro Andy Fraser.


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