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Have you ever had a secret, a secret that would change the way the world looked at you? What if someone threatened to reveal it? What lengths would you go to, to stop them?

Nora is the happy, confident and adored wife of indulgent Torvald Helmer. The two live in middle-class bliss with their three beautiful children. When Torvald is promoted to Director of the local bank, his first act is to fire Nils Krogstad; a man who once, long ago, forged a name on a document. In desperation, Nils turns to Nora, threatening to reveal a secret to which only he is privy – a secret which would lead to the ruin and disgrace of not only herself, but her husband and family.

In her hour of need, who will Nora turn to:
Her loving husband, with whom she has a comfortable home and three lovely children?
Her old friend, a wise widow recently returned to her life?
Her best friend, the dear Doctor Rank, who hides secrets of his own?
Or will she take it upon herself – no matter what the cost?


Theatre & Comedy

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