A Doll’S House @ Seymour Centre


e Helmers are all set to enjoy a new life together in their new home. Torvald has been promoted to a senior position at the bank and Nora is delighted. At last, they can put their financial troubles behind them. But their fragile happiness is shattered by the arrival of an unexpected visitor. As the lies that Nora has told, and the risks that she has taken to protect her husband are exposed, they are forced to question just how perfect their marriage really is. Now, it seems, only a miracle will set them free. With the brisk pace and plotting of a thriller, Ibsen’s tale of intrigue, fraud and betrayal exposes a world where duty, power and hypocrisy rule. Hugely controversial when it was first performed in 1879, A Doll’s House has lost none of its power as a bold vision of feminist selfhood and rediscovery. Leaping off the page, Adam Cook’s new production has strong contemporary resonances for today’s audiences, and promises to be dynamic, passionate and visceral. A rare opportunity to see this watershed play live in an intelligent and exciting new production. Perfect for discussing language, character, society, gender, status and social values in the classroom. “I think I am a human being before anything else. I don’t care what other people say. I don’t care what people write in books. I need to think for myself.” NORA


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